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Top 5 Mistakes in DIY Brazilian Waxing

Top 5 Mistakes in DIY Brazilian Waxing

Do it yourself (DIY) waxing in the comfort of your own home is an excellent way to save money and maintaining your own privacy. Many women nowadays prefer to DIY wax at home instead of doing it at a spa or salon by a professional as they can do it when they are free and yet still get the desired results. Waxing is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted body hair. The hair is ripped out of its follicle and the area will stay hairless for a few weeks depending on the hair growth and waxing process. Brazilian waxing is very popular nowadays. Depending on the individual, the hair around the bikini is either all removed or left with a strip in front. Although DIY waxing is not difficult, it is easy to make mistakes.


The most important thing is to prevent burning yourself. One of the most common mistakes is that women tend to apply wax that is too hot directly to the skin, causing burn and bruises. Wax heats up quickly and it is easy to burn yourself. Always follow the instructions and make sure the temperature is acceptable before applying it to the skin.


Always apply wax in one direction. Many ladies apply wax in all direction and this will cause problems. Also, only pull out the hair in one direction, opposite where the hair is growing. By pulling it out against the grain, it reduces the chances to have ingrown hair which is painful and ugly.

Rushing it through

Always remember to conduct the waxing slowly, do not rush. Waxing takes a considerable amount of time and small areas are done at each time. Do give sufficient time for the wax to sit in and harden so that it can effectively pull out the hair. By doing a small area at a time, a more positive result can be seen.

Waxing before special occasions

A very common mistake is that women tend to wax before special occasions such as a party or wedding. The waxed area will be red and it is a little embarrassing. Always try to wax at least 2 days before any event so that the area will have sufficient time to recover.

Using ice to numb the area

Many women use ice to numb the area so that they will not feel any pain. This is a huge mistake. During waxing, the area is supposed to be dry and the pores open and relaxed. Ice will shrink the pores, causing hair removal to be more difficult.

Always keep in mind these frequently made mistakes and DIY Brazilian waxing can be an enjoyable process. Take your time doing it and do not rush it through. This will allow you to achieve hair free skin and you do not need to wax often if it is done correctly.

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