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The Minimum Age to Get Laser Hair Removal

The Minimum Age to Get Laser Hair Removal

When a child reaches adolescence there will be many changes that the child will feel happen to his/her body, one evident change would be the rapid increase in hair growth and this can be a particularly frustrating periods for the child. This is very common amongst teenagers, and is one of the primary reasons why teenagers can get so difficult to deal with; they tend to get secretive and sensitive about their looks and appearance. While the problems are faced by both genders, girls are more affected by such changes, when these changes are occurring, girls will get more insecure and become very sensitive about their appearance. There are however options which can help deal with their hair problem, Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Teenagers would be very unfamiliar with shaving and waxing at such early stages, but if they were, doctors advise not to take such options as shaving or removal of hair, could lead to hair stimulation and further hair growth, which could get very difficult to deal with, and also because shaving or removal of hair at early stages can be very unsafe and painful if the body has not matured yet. Laser Hair removal should be an option where both the child and parent must give consent to.

Clinics which provide Laser Hair removal treatment would generally ask anyone below the age of 18 to fill in a legal guardian's consent form, the treatment would require the consent of both the parent and child. These treatments are very safe options, with no complications on adults, but the use of treatments on underdeveloped bodies is strongly advised against by experts.

The treatment operates in a very simple manner; it makes use of a laser light called intense pulsed light (IPL) to destroy hair follicles where the unwanted hair appears. The hair follicle destroyed will be unable to produce hair, and thus relieving the teenager from his/her hair problem, but the hair follicle will get repaired over time and hair will grow again. The procedure scientifically speaking is safe to use on teenagers, knowing how the procedure works will help you decide on how you wish to tackle the hair problem.

Possible side effects of the treatment, after the treatment there maybe reddening of the skin, this is especially evident on fair children; this is not a very big concern. Also, the hair will not disappear immediately; it will thicken first, then fall away within a week or two. Swelling in the treated area can also occur for several hours after treatment. The procedures are strongly suggested to be taken during a vacation break under shade; too much exposure to sunlight may negate the effects of the laser treatment. Teenagers should also understand that more than a couple of visits maybe required helping complete the Laser Hair removal treatment.

A successful Laser Hair removal treatment can help the child considerably; it will build their confidence and provide them a safe and simple way to deal with their hair problem. For additional information concerning laser hair removal look at the net's most dependable online resource.

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The Minimum Age to Get Laser Hair Removal

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