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For Beauty And Hairdressing The Future Looks Bright

For Beauty And Hairdressing The Future Looks Bright

When a new beauty parlour opens in a town in England the inevitable calls will come in over the telephone from sad old men who are just checking whether their luck is in and the parlour is in fact a euphemism for a knocking shop.

This is the sad fact told me by someone who did open a new business in town offering all beauty therapy including full body massage. One man even called and said he wanted a full body massage but added that he should explain that he didn't wear underwear.

The implication was obvious so the answer was to simply say they did not massage men not wearing underwear and he should take his business elsewhere.

Beauty salons are one of the very few survivors on the high street where there are countless closures of other types of business. The high streets of Britain are going to look very different by the middle of this century.

It is hard to see more than a handful of service type business like beauty therapy surviving in the future in town centres. Beauty therapy like hairdressing is two functions that require the physical presence of the customer and cannot be bought online.

Perhaps in forty years the supermarkets will also disappear as internet shopping takes over more and more. The inevitable outcome will be that as manufacturers are no longer tied to prefer suppliers they will be selling direct from the factory and presumably this will lead to lower prices.

The future of shopping is a big enough subject to attract students looking for a good PhD subject and science fiction writers alike. If the future is all about home deliveries of everything we are likely to need from food to clothing then the next conclusion is that few of us will ever have to leave our homes as most jobs these days can be done via a computer and a modem.

As electronic communication becomes more sophisticated it is quite easy to visualise doing an office job in a virtual environment. Sitting at a table at home one may find oneself having a conference with a dozen holograms of co-workers.

This seems like a good idea to get stuck into the service business like beauty therapy and hairdressing as both these services will always have a future. Repairing household items like television repairs are service jobs that have had their day.

In the nineteen sixties the T.V. repairman was a busy individual in every town and city but now he is rarer than rocking horse shit or hen's teeth. The fact is that all televisions have reached the point of the throwaway society whereby if it doesn't work it is not cost-effective and if it is still in its warranty stage a replacement is provided anyway.

The shocking fact is that despite all the talk we continue to fill landfill sites at a never-ending rate despite some efforts at positive material recycling.

So hairdressers and beauty salons London may still have a rosy future unless the hair growth gene is identified and when our hair is just the right length we take a pill to stop any further growth for the rest of our lives! A grim thought and yet with a combination of genetics and the continuing fast pace in changing technology it truly is impossible to rule out anything for the next fifty years.

Directories are useful devices for locating all services and although these are more and more becoming listed on computer databases there is the upside to this with the reduced felling of trees for paper.

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For Beauty And Hairdressing The Future Looks Bright

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