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Goat's Milk: The Benefits of This Perfect Ingredient

A revered product that Cleopatra used to bathe in, and which Gandhi would drink to regain his health after fasting, goat's milk has long been recognised for its nourishing, restorative properties. Today, scientific evidence supports the view that goat's milk can play a nutritious part of an everyday diet, and holds additional benefits when used for cosmetic purposes.

Like many dairy foods, milk from a goat can be found in raw liquid or powder formats, and processed into goat cheese, yoghurt and other health products.

The many advantages include:

Low levels of the protein allergen Alpha S1 Casein which can cause allergy issues such as stomach cramping and skin rashes
Soothing properties helpful for treating digestive tract problems such as bloating and diarrhoea, and for assisting in breaking down ulcers
Containing less lactose than cow's milk, having smaller fat globules, and a chemical make-up that is close to the milk humans produce. This means that many people, including those who are lactose intolerant, are able to digest goat's milk more easily
An ability to homogenise naturally, so that the liquid's fat droplets and cream are combined. Because the fat globules in goat's milk are so much smaller than in cow's, it doesn't need to go through the same homogenisation process, meaning that valuable natural enzymes remain intact
Holding lots of vital proteins, calcium and essential amino acids which are good for health, while still having a low-fat content
Being an environmentally conscious choice of dairy product, as goats take up less land space and consume less food than cows
Often containing fewer toxins than cow's milk -because goats are usually farmed on a smaller agricultural scale to cows, it's less likely that their milk will contain a large amount of additional hormones and antibiotics

Apart from consuming the milk through your diet, you can also reap its many benefits by making it a regular part of your bathing and beauty regime. Products containing goat's milk are not only luxurious to use, they're also a great help to our largest organ, our skin!

Goat's milk soaps, body washes and lotions can:

Reduce any inflammation or redness, relieve eczema and dry skin, and act as a soothing barrier
Protect and moisturise, because goat's milk has a pH level close to that of our own skin -a wonderful reason why goat's milk is used in baby products
Enrich the skin with loads of essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12 and E
Use as a useful exfoliant, allowing your skin to get rid of dead cells. This makes goat's milk especially handy for anyone who has noticeably aging skin or suffers from acne

A credible product used throughout the ages, the many advantages of this make it capable of improving our bodies from the inside out. As a milk drink or skin care, it's an amazing natural product with benefits for all.

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