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How To Make Balms And Salves - Tips For Making The Best Natural Skin-Care Products

If you learn how to make balms and salves then you can make just the kinds of products that you like and can save money at the same time. What's more, making these kinds of products is a lot like candle making and soap making. These products all go together too. If you get in the business of selling soap or even candles then the salve type products will complement the others.

Here are some tips about putting together salves and balms for your own use or to sell to others.

Tip 1 - Salves and balms and body butters are all made in about the same way. Containers are usually different. Other than that, the main difference in just in the proportions of the materials used to make up the products.

Tip 2 - Salves and balms are really just combinations of a wax and butters or oils. That simple combination is all it takes to produce a salve product. Using more waxes generally gets you a harder product. Using more oils and less wax results in something that is softer.

Tip 3 - Combining essential oils into the products is a way to get a certain fragrance to the mixture and a way to impart some herbal essence to the product as well. The practitioner of aromatherapy will see the salve as just a carrier for the essential oil.

Tip 4 - If you make your own balms you can tweak your recipes to allow for changes in weather, temperature mainly. As the weather gets really hot it's nice to have a harder product that will be less likely to melt and run. Conversely in the cold part of the year or in cold locations, a softer product is more pleasant to use.

Tip 5 - People like to buy these kinds of natural products. That's so partly because there is a lot of interest in avoiding synthetic chemicals on the skin. That means folks are getting away from most lotions. These kinds of products are much the same as lotions but without all the chemicals.

Of course an almost endless variety of variations on the salves theme are possible. By varying the ingredients in these mixtures and varying proportions one can get all kinds of results. This makes putting together these kinds of materials really an interesting hobby. It also makes the activity a possible profits generator as well.

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