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Finding a Good Salon and the Right Stylist for Your Tresses

If you have a stylist that you really like (or absolutely love), you are one of the lucky ones. Finding a professional who works at a salon that you look forward to visiting is not a simple feat for every woman. To become one of the lucky ones, there are things you can do to narrow down your choices.

Hair is everywhere but what about a cut that is similar to yours and is one that you admire? If there is a person in your office who has beautiful tresses or if you have a friend or neighbor with a fantastic color or cut, don't be shy; ask her what salon she uses. Personal recommendations are the absolute best! By asking others, it may take you no time at all to find yourself sitting in the chair of a stylist who really knows hair.

The location of a salon does not really tell you a great deal about the people who work there or the level of customer service you can expect to find, but finding a convenient location is still important.

Take a stroll by some of the hair places that are situated near your home or workplace. As you walk by, take look at what is happening inside. Does the business look clean and inviting? What is the waiting area like? Does it have a welcoming ambiance to it? Are the stylists busy doing hair or are they standing around chatting with each other? Even a casual glance through the shop window can provide you with some clues about how business is conducted at the location.

Choose a salon or two that you like the appearance of and call them up. You want to find out how polite and friendly the demeanor of the receptionist is. Ask what the hours of operation are. Find out if you need an appointment, or if you can just walk in to get your hair cut and/or styled. Ask if you need to book a consultation before coming in for a cut or color.

The best hair establishments do not only hire qualified hairdressers, but also qualified receptionists who treat their clientele well. The telephone manner you receive should tell you a lot about how you would be treated if you decided to start going there.

Some places offer consultations for prospective customers while others do not. If it is possible, schedule a consultation to discuss your hair ideas. This will give you an opportunity to further peruse the establishment. It will also give you the chance to chat with a stylist about what you are looking for in terms of your tresses. Ask for ideas and input from the hair specialist.

If you are planning to change your style completely, do not do anything too extreme until you become more familiar with the beauty salon in question. In other words, test the waters before you dive in. You want to be happy and confident with the place and the people before you make a big change.

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