Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting That Healthy Glow With Sunless Tans!

We all think that California girls have it right, that the healthy glow from the sunshine makes us look more attractive and radiant. We all like to look like we have just arrived from a long relaxing vacation, looking unstressed and like we have just spent a month at the beach not worrying about anything. A healthy tan can make you look like a million dollars by enhancing your glow and making you look like you have been lying on a beach without a care in the world.

However, with the increased instances of skin cancers and other detrimental effects related to exposure to the sun, including premature wrinkling and age spots. Therefore, the best way to ensure you get that healthy glow to your skin is to try any of the sunless tanning products out there.

You could go to the tanning salon and lie on the tanning beds they have there, or try the stand up booths. These require you to make a trip to the salon, pay for the minutes you use, and pay for the tanning lotions and specialized goggles you must use. This all adds up in money you must spend, as well as time you must use to get to the salon itself, usually two or three times a week to keep up your tan. A cheaper alternative, that takes far less of your time would be the application of a sunless tanning product.

These products take far less time to apply, and can last for much longer after one application than all the return trips to the salon. The new products that achieve sunless tans no longer leave those telltale orange streaks that previous tanning products used to. The newer formulations will go on smoothly, leaving a dark, natural looking tan, and you control how light or dark you want your tan to be, by applying more or less. You will want to follow the directions closely, and ensure that you exfoliate your skin beforehand to leave a smooth surface for the product to work on. Also, make sure you choose a product that is low in alcohol content, to keep your skin from drying out, ensuring your tan lasts as long as possible.

The old ways of getting tans are becoming obsolete as we become aware of the dangers of exposing ourselves to the sun for long periods, or even the simulated rays of the sun in a tanning booth or bed. We want to keep our healthy glows with a safer alternative. This is a way to remember our summer vacations or keep up the illusions that we just came back from a long relaxing trip and look calm and glowing from it. There is a reason that California girls have such a distinct style that makes them stand out; they look healthy and tanned and glowing.

Try a sunless tanning cream or spray to get an easy, healthy glow, without having to risk the exposure to the sun or tanning beds that may be detrimental to your health.

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