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10 Famous Celebrities Wearing Blue Contacts Lenses

10 Famous Celebrities Wearing Blue Contacts Lenses

Famous people make their own particular brand by recognizing themselves with a specific look. Case in point some are well known for the blue color of their eyes. What numerous individuals don't know is that a ton of those big names don't have regularly blue eyes, yet wear blue contacts!

Next, a rundown of ten Vips who are well known for their blue eyes however truth be told their regularly color eyes are diverse!

1. Paris Hilton

She was conceived with tan eyes, yet is well known for her splendid blue eyes. For Paris, she says that she wears color contacts to make her concept of an attractive picture. She especially has a taste for blue contacts with dark edging. These make her seem more divine and chic, regardless of what outfit she wears alongside them.

2. Brandon Routh

He featured in the film Superman Returns. He was for all intents and purpose obscure until then, having done just different minor TV parts. The executive of Superman Returns, Brian Singer, said Brandon helped him to remember Christopher Reeve. Dissimilar to Christopher Reeve Brandon Routh has got regularly dim eyes. For the motion picture he utilized blue contacts to turn those dim eyes in profound blue eyes.

3. Megan Fox

On the off chance that you have viewed Transformers the Movie, you would in any case be dribbling over Megan Fox at this moment (in the event that you are a fellow that is). Megan could be seen with her regular hazel color eyes in the sitcom called Hope and Faith. She looked totally changed! Today her blue contacts provide for her wild exceptional eyes.

4. Lyndsay Lohan

This previous youngster model experienced a striking change from spot confronted sweetie to well proportioned teenager redhead to super-thin blonde vamp, all before she was mature enough to drink. Recently she has been gotten with blue contact lenses. She regularly wears splendid blue contacts which makes her commonly green eyes entrancing blue.

5. Jennifer Aniston

She is most likely a standout amongst the most well known stars of Friends. She generally looks wonderful and she even had an association with super hunk Brad Pitt. In any case, that doesn't prevent her from being elegantly imaginative with her looks, particularly concerning eye color! She has tan eyes, however is regularly seen wearing blue shade contacts.

6. Britney Spears

Her eyes are regularly dull tan. Rather than common shade she wears color contacts. While she could be seen wearing her glasses, she is generally found with blue contacts. There have been times when Britney has neglected to wear one of two contact lenses and by doing this she has picked up tremendous measures of media consideration.

7. Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 67th United States Secretary of State has picked for a crisp brilliant child blue tone contacts for her eyes in her photograph shoots and open appearances. She even attempted turquoise contact lenses once, yet it was not an extraordinary search for her. So she continued wearing excellent blue contacts to change her regular hazel tint!

8. Christina Aguilera

Known for her solid voice and her expertise to sing acapella. Has sold in excess of 20 million records since her first record, self-titled, Christina Aguilera, which turned out on August 24, 1999. She was #8 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 rundown. Christina wears splendid blue contacts, despite the fact that her eyes are now characteristically darker blue.

9. Orlando Bloom

He is likewise known for his part in Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings was conceived with tan eyes. He has blue eyes amid the Lord of the Rings set of three, where he played Legolas Greenleaf. Orlando Bloom wore color contacts to make his character complete.

10. Golden Rose

She is well known for being Kanye West's sweetheart, Amber Rose is otherwise called a model. She might be found at numerous gatherings and social occasions. As a model, Amber Rose is accustomed to getting changed into numerous distinctive outfits, including her eye contacts! Her regular eye color is dull tan or dark, yet she frequently is spotted with her insane pale blue contacts which make her seem more great and fascinating.

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10 Famous Celebrities Wearing Blue Contacts Lenses


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